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Buy Diamond Safes from VIET NAM BANK MATERIAL EQUIPMENT AND VAULT SAFE JOINT STOCK COMPANY. The Diamond Security Safes for cash and valuables come in five sizes and protect even against the most experienced safe breakers. Diamond Series Safes are perfect for a home or office. The Welko Diamond line of home safes is designed specifically to protect all of your precious documents such as birth certificates, house deeds, passports. How to store your Gold, Silver, Coloured Diamonds, watch or jewellery. Welko Safes meet the highest levels of security. Welko Safes is proud to offer fire safes with various levels of fire proof and fire-resistant technology to ensure you have what you need if disaster strikes. Designed with you in mind, Welko safes offer unique features to protect your most valuable items. Find the safe that's right for you. Hotline: +84982770404

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