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Steel Locker 4 Tier 12 x 12 x 18 12 Door Ready To Assemble Tan

Filing Cabinets, Mobile Shelving System, Ready-to-assemble Locker. No.1 Locker Manufacturer in South East Asia

Introduction Of The Biggest Factory Of Safes In Vietnam

Steel Locker 4 Tier 12 x 12 x 18 12 Door Ready To Assemble Tan

File Cabinet - Mobile Library Cabinet, Wardrobe, Often Collage Cabinet, Office File Cabinet, LOCKER Cabinet, Wardrobe, Iron shelf, File cabinet. WELKO File Cabinet is a product with safety, high security and durability over time. Tu Ho So is provided to protect assets, papers in banks, corporate offices, businesses .... WELKO An Phat Office File Cabinet is a Prestigious Brand Over 30 Years of Experience. Company always put signals on surrender. Factory Recruitment of level 1 agent to supply Mobile Shelving System. Great Deals when shopping for IRON Large Quantity, Original Price - Super SHOCK Price, Cheap to Take Original at the Factory. 24/24h On-Site Consultation Support. Free Shipping Worldwide, Pay At Home or Work. Professional attentive service, Ensure Delivery Schedule. Genuine Bank Warranty 02 years Not use, Maintenance of Lifetime Products.
Steel Cabinet
Designing and Manufacturing Office File Cabinet - Iron Price - Mobile Library Cabinet According to Own Requirements with the World's Most Modern Italian Production Line.
Commitment to the largest filing cabinet factory in Southeast Asia:
+ We Only Sell At Factory Original Price.
+ Commitment to the cheapest price in the market
+ Free Delivery and Installation
+ Always Responsible For The Product
+ Trust First
+ 100% New Products to Distributors and Consumers.
+ Dedicated professional service, long-term warranty
Filing Cabinet

Senior Partners of Big Corporations like MARS, IBM, American Airlines, Honeywell, AmerisourceBergen, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Anthem, PepsiCo, Pfizer,...

Contact Hotline/Whatsapp: +84 98 2770404 Available 24/24h. For free consultation and product experience right at our showroom or factory.

Steel Filing Cabinet
Fire Resistant Cabinet
WELKO's Premium Locker are exported with high quality. Each is built with WELKO's unique engineering. When you choose a WELKO Locker, you get peace of mind in knowing that your valuables are protected. When it comes to the sale of the best heavy duty security and fire protection safes, there's nothing like a WELKO ...Steel Locker 4 Tier 12 x 12 x 18 12 Door Ready To Assemble Tan
Experienced Manufacturer & Supplier in VIET NAM. Guaranteed Top Quality & Service. Direct Sale. Wholesale Price. Advanced Technology. Quality Assurance. Types: WELKO Cabinets, Lockers, Filing Cabinets, Ready-to-assemble Locker, Office Cabinet, School Locker, Mobile Filing System, .... Free Shipping.

Steel Locker 4 Tier 12 x 12 x 18 12 Door Ready To Assemble Tan

The locker is engineered for years of heavy-duty service. These lockers feature 16 gauge steel doors, 5-knuckle security hinge and welded, reinforced frame-and-door assemblies for maximum security. These triple tier lockers have a secure 2-point positive locking system and double and single-prong coat hooks. Generously sized louvers promote ventilation. Legs add 6" to height. Durable, attractive powder coat finish. Includes blank number plates. Lockers feature finished sides; no need for decorative end panels. Lockers must be anchored securely to floors. Optional locker accessories (Numbered Plates, Closed End Bases, Slope Top Kits and Locks) sold separately. 1-wide and 3-wide lockers have four foot plates included. Foot plates bolt to outside locker leg supports and maybe anchored to the floor.
Fire Resistant Cabinets
Fireproof File Cabinets
Proudly Suppliers Locker‎ to the USA!
WELKO has been proudly Suppliers Locker to the USA since 1988. We take great pride in building the best locker by the hands of skilled workers. Our ready-to-assemble lockers are designed with care therefore they are firm after assembled. WELKO's imported PREMIUM US LOCKERS are the top selling locker with high quality along with contemporary styling to fit in any home or office environment. Engineered by WELKO, all Premium Locker are built to WELKO's specifications.
Fireproof Filing Cabinets
Mobile Filing Cabinets
WELKO Steel Locker 4 Tier 12 x 12 x 18 12 Door Ready To Assemble Tan. In public places such as supermarkets, companies, factories, schools, hospitals ... Always need a locker with many compartments to preserve personal belongings. WELKO Steel Locker is the best solution with a commitment to outstanding quality, genuine WELKO company goods against counterfeiting.

Our Cabinets and Lockers are widely distributed in Vietnam and exported to more than 20 countries in the world. Our locker cabinet has huge storage capacity. Our cabinets and lockers are also available in a wide variety of sizes, so they will easily fit in any home or office environment.
Metal Locker for School Office Gym Metal Storage Locker Cabinet for Employees Students Steel Locker with 9 Door Blue.
 Model  Steel Locker 4 Tier 12 x 12 x 18 12 Door Ready To Assemble Tan
  100 ± 5Kg
 External Size   H 1981 * W 915 * D 305 mm
 Internal Size   H 455 * W 303 * D 303 mm
 Steel thickness   
  0.6 - 1.5 mm
 Lock System   Cam lock ,Code lock ,Pad lock ,Coin lock , Electronic lock and so on
 Use For
  Banks, agencies, supermarkets, restaurants ...
  Blue or color according to your request
 Band Name
 Price   $70 - $150
  SGS International Standard ISO 9001: 2015
 Structure   Knock Down (Screw Free) or Pre-Assemble
 Assemble Time   1-3Minutes
 Surface Treatment
  Acid pickling, Phosphorization , Electrostatic spray coating and high-temperature curing
 Loading   200pcs/20GP, 400pcs/40HQ
 Zalo/ Whatsapp Number
  +84 98 2770404
 Commitment   High Quality Products - New 100%
 Payment method   T/T, L/C, Open account, Advance payment
  Exporting package with the pearl cotton & polyfoam and multilayer carton
 International Hotline 24/7   +84 98 2770404
 Port   Hai Phong Port
I. Technical Specificationa Steel Locker 4 Tier 12 x 12 x 18 12 Door Ready To Assemble Tan

Weight: 100 ± 5Kg
Internal Size: H 1981 * W 915 * D 305 mm
Drawer Size: H 455 * W 303 * D 303 mm
Fireproof Ability: 1000 - 1200°C
Lock System: Cam lock ,Code lock ,Pad lock ,Coin lock, Electronic lock and so on
Use For: Banks, agencies, supermarkets, restaurants ...
✔ Color: Blue
✔ Price: $70 - $150
✔ Brand Name: WELKO
✔ Zalo/ Whatsapp Number: +84 98 2770404
✔ Commitment To High Quality Product: New 100%
✔ International Hotline 24/7: +84 98 2770404
Stand Locker
High security: Each door equiped with a lift up handle and recessed hasp, can be matched with combination padlocks or key padlocks for added convenient and security
Thoughtful design: Features stainless steel hooks for hanging coats. Included ample deadbolts to make you securely bolt it to the wall. easy to wipe clean with just a cloth and water.
Multi-purpose: Simple and compact appearance can easily blend with most of places, such as school, home gym, locker room,porch, dressing room, office, dorm room,classroom,kids room.etc
Large Capacity: Large capacity design make sure you have enough space to lock up your clothes, shoes ,sports gear,bags, kid’s backpacks, homework supplies, office supplies , cleaning supplies.etc
Notice: There is a tip to make the installation easier:Please don’t tighten the bolts until you fix the bolts to the corresponding positions. After all the screws are fixed to the corresponding positions, tighten them all
Glass door metal cabinet
Document Cabinet

Our ready-to-assemble lockers are suitable for transport. Clear instruction comes with lockers would make it easy for you to assemble our locker and unwarp them when needed.

WELKO Locker Cabinet, The Most Prestigious Brand in Vietnamese Market. WELKO 9 Compartment Locker has standard design all made of 0.6mm steel, powder coated with sizes, the number of compartments suitable for all needs of all customers. WELKO Locker cabinet has a solid safety structure. The cabinet has many compartments, each compartment has 1 handle, 1 lock with 2 keys, 1 ear hook, with vent for furniture. Especially, the hinge is concealed from the cabinet to ensure safety, certainty and high aesthetics.

Style & Function
New Gray Marble powder coat finish on models
Beautiful polished chrome drop style handle
External hinges for a wider door opening of 180 degrees
Interiors adjustable shelving

✔ Quality & Service : Our one of priority has always been providing to our clients with great quality products and superior customer service.

Quick Lead Time: We will provide the quickest turn around times and work very Hard to ensure that met all of your deadlines.

✔ Reasonable and competitive price:We continuously strive to find ways of reducing our production costs, and also pass the savings Over to you!

File Cabinet
Mobile Filing System


1. You can refer to the following issues to choose a safe safe to suit your needs or contact us at the information below
 2. Contact us through:
Hotline International 24/24: 0084 98 2770404
Zalo: +84 98 2770404
Viber: +84 98 2770404
WhatsApp: +84 98 2770404
WeChat ID: FactorySafes

Payment Information:

Viet Nam Bank Material Equipment And Vault Safe Joint Stock Company
Account: 8821100527009
Bank: Military commercial joint stock bank – West Hanoi Branch

III. WARRANTY: 05 Years:

ORIGIN: WELKO Steel Cabinets The trademark of WELKO has been protected in Vietnam by the Intellectual Property Department since 2009 (granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property under the Decision No. 3737 / QD-SHTT dated February 24, 2009. Certificate of trademark number: 120132 )

Products manufactured according to international standards:

SGS Iso 9001:2015

Certification number: VN 16/0059

Certification VINCAS 049-QMS (IAF)


Joint Stock Company Equipment Materials Banking and Safety Treasury Vietnam has been a lot of certificates of merit, certificates, gold brands awarded by departments from 2003 to present are briefly as follows:

1.    Meets SGS International Standard ISO 9001: 2015

2.    Awarded the Thang Long gold brand award (QD16-HATAP October 3, 2011)

3.    Certificate of Merit issued People's Committee of Hanoi City - Association against fake goods and brand protection of the city awarded the certificate of merit on December 25, 2011

4.    Won the famous brand award in 2011 by the Hanoi City People's Committee licensed and directed

5.   Certificate of Merit issued by Hanoi People's Committee for achievements in labor safety and fire prevention and fighting according to the Decision No. 831 / QD-UBND dated February 16, 2012

6.    Certificate - Vietnam EXPO 2006 International Organizing Committee presented Gold Medal on 6 April 2006

7.    Top 100 Golden Quality Award in the capital of safes on October 1, 2012 by the Decision of reward No. 37 / QD - Hatap sponsored and licensed the Hanoi City People's Committee.

8.    The award honors the brand of Thang Long, prestigious and quality enterprise in 2017 (Issued under the Decision No. 98 / HATAP).

Introduction Of The Biggest Factory Of Safes In Vietnam

Commitment to genuine and 100% new products
 Fire Resistant Cabinet - Fireproof File Cabinet | Wholesale Best Cheap 
If you want more information please contact us to give you more details of our services 
Vietnam Bank Material Equipment And Vault Safe JSC is located in Viet Nam 
Factory Address: Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park City Ha Noi
Locker Cabinet
Stand Locker
Commit to only giving customers the best products
 Working from 7am to 10pm all Saturday, Sunday and holidays
 Free consultation, instructions for use, warranty at home.
 Payment on delivery and thorough inspection (can be transferred)
 Any questions about the product or need advice on file cabinets explosion-proof.
Please leave your phone number or INBOX directly for advice.
Free Ship fast nationwide - Pay on delivery.
Receive order safes on request.
Factory Address: Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park City Ha Noi 
Free shipping Worldwide - Fast Delivery 
 Hand phone/WhatsApp: +84 98 2770404 
 Viber: +84 98 2770404 
 WeChat ID: FactorySafes 
 Tax code: 0101391913
Iron File Cabinet
Office Cabinets
Payment Information:
Viet Nam Bank Material Equipment And Vault Safe Joint Stock Company
Account: 8821100527009
Bank: Military commercial joint stock bank – West Hanoi Branch
Business registration No. 0101391913 issued by Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi
Address: Dong Xuan commune, Quoc Oai district, Ha Noi city, Viet Nam
Best regards !

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